We open borders for you.

We handle all the formalities and documents required for customs clearance in the import and export of goods across the border. By doing so we guarantee our customers added-value services in order to ensure an enduring and constructive partnership over the long term.

Zollas Verzollungen GmbH - Grafik Zollabfertigung (L)

Our comprehensive service for independent customs clearance encompasses:

  • Handling all negotiations with customs authorities, including clarification of customs tariff differences, customs inspections
  • European-wide T1/T2 customs transit procedures
  • EU customs clearances
  • Free ride clearance (“Freischein”)
  • Temporary imports and exports
  • Issuing a transit certificate (“Geleitschein”)
  • Provisional customs clearance
  • Save time and money through simplified customs procedures
  • Declarations to the authorities (e.g. for EU intra-trade statistics)
  • Export declarations at the inland customs office (ATLAS electronic export system) in a two-step process or directly at the border in a single-step process
  • Creating goods movement certificates (Form A, EUR1, and others)
  • Independent customs clearance over all borders in northern Switzerland – from Basel to Lustenau – through cooperation with partners
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How can we support you?

We are more than happy to provide support and assistance in customs clearance for your cross-border movement of goods.

Phone DE: +49 7734 / 93 65 90   |   Phone CH: +41 52 / 64 91 080   |   Email: info@zollas.de

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